main skills

Investing Money

Managers have several years of relevant experience managing successful money for other entities, be it private equity and institutional clients or shareholders of companies.

Exiting Investments

Managers have experience in trying to find the best exits for investments, either concerning potential buyers and choosing the best timing to place a selling banner in the stakes held.

Managing Teams

Managers have relevant experience managing teams of analysts and business managers for several years.

Searching for Opportunities Abroad

Managers had to adapt to the dynamics of new markets in order to search for new investment opportunities.

Analysing Markets and Trends

Managers had to analyse the main macro and sector trends in pursuing their professional investment roles in the past and keep always up-to-date regarding economic and financial issues.

Creating Companies

Managers have started and sold new companies several times.

Hedging and Diversifying Risk

They also have relevant experience in hedging and diversifying risk for their investment portfolios.