we are Deltaper Group

Since 1996, we have been involved in investment and promoting investments in new ventures, some of them successful and others less fortunate, but in all of them we help putting together what we consider the key resources to success, as long as there is a clear market opportunity: capital, knowledge and networking. We invest directly, indirectly or simply recommend other investors that we find suitable for the projects we validate.

Welcome to Deltaper.


our services

Investment management

Deltaper is an investment manager. We have a permanent portfolio of investments, actively managed, using our own balance sheet. We also manage investment vehicles owned by other investors, given that there is a clear separation of management teams and alignment of interests.

Investment Advisory

Deltaper is a management specialist. We advise entrepreneurs and investors in several themes regarding management issues, taking advantage of the broad business experiences of our team.

Investment Placement

Deltaper is an investment promoter. We promote cross-investments and risk sharing with other investors, trying always not to waste good ideas and/or teams even if they don't fit our investment strategy.

we are hiring

Actually, we are always hiring talented and especially hardworking people to our participated companies. 

We are also always willing to develop and extend business partnerships.